Monday, January 4, 2010

Looking for Internship

I was looking at Craigslist, and I saw a posting called Marketing Project Management Intern. I click on it and to my surprise it was a post from University of Dreams. As an alumna of the program, I was so excited.

Naturally, I jumped straight to my e-mail, but not before writing a cover letter on Word, and then pasting it to the e-mail. Afterwords, I reread the e-mail and did spell check on it (3x, no kidding) and checked to see that every word was perfect. Haha.

Last week, I googled on how to write a cover letter since I never wrote one before. And since almost every single internship requested one on Craigslist. I found one that I really like. It was short and sweet. You only need 2-3 sentences each paragraph.

Paragraph 1: State who you are, what position you want to apply for and where did you find it. (I read a tip on how lot of the companies have so many internship positions that when you apply for one, you should make it as clear as possible as to which one you want. Even going as far as writing the posting ID number).

Paragraph 2: Tell them why you are interested in the position. What makes you a good candidate for them to consider. (Some applications will ask you a few questions and its good to answer them in this paragraph).

Paragraph 3: Thank them for considering you and that you look forward to hearing from them. Mention you attached (or pasted) your resume, and also if they would like references or work samples, if they did not ask.

TIP of the BLOG: Be as polite and formal as you can be. But don't use big words that you don't know.

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