Thursday, November 5, 2009

Did You Vote on Tuesday…Me Neither

That’s right. It was Election Day on Nov. 3. Yeah…I didn’t know what to vote for either.

Things that happened on Nov. 4, 2008-- the U.S. presidential election-- included thousands of people gathering around a park, people sitting on their couches glued to their TV waiting to see the first poll results and others checking their iPhone every five minutes for any news.

It was nothing like that on Tuesday. Nobody really cared that there were local elections going on. It was simply a normal Tuesday for most people.

Why is it that we get so hyped up when it’s the US presidential election? Well, I guess its because people care more about who leads this country. Maybe its because there was a lack of advertisement on who was running for what and what Propositions were on the ballot. Or its just maybe because we were so excited last year, that we used up all of our energy in that election and we were just too worn out to do anything this year.

I think all major elections (Governor, US Senate, State Senate, ect…) should happen at the same time. And not have one part of the country have elections one year and the other part in another year.

That would be cool, that way we can at least see and maybe learn something about another governor rather than just our own. And it would give a chance for citizens to come together, like it was last year.

People always say its important to vote and have your voices be heard, but does that only mean when it comes to voting for a new governor, US Senator, and president? Or when an important Proposition comes up? What do you think?

Here are the results (and what was on the ballot) for the San Francisco area, if you’re curious.

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