Thursday, January 21, 2010

On The Very First Day...

The first day of an internship or a job is just as nerve racking as the interview was. You don't know what to expect, you feel nervous yet excited. It's like the first day of school.

My first day yesterday went great. I got there early (of course) and was shown where I would be working. With another intern, we were introduced to everybody else in the office. A couple of people remembered me as participant and were very happy to see me again and that I was joining their team.

After the introductions were made, my boss began to talk about the program, what we were going to do, and what he would like to be done. Afterwards, it was lunch time and every Wednesday everyone gets together at the main table, located in front of the office. Mostly the conversation was about what was going on with the "NBC drama," "American Idol," and the recent "Golden Globes."

Its a pretty relax environment.

Afterwards, my boss had a one-on-one discussion of what each of our first project is going to be. My first project is to critique the content of the Web site.

And that was pretty much my first day.

5 Tips for First Day:

1) Arrive early. Don't leave until you have completed your hours. Stay till the end, even if your boss says you can leave early if you want to.

2) Go in with a positive attitude, and relaxe.

3) Like with your interview, it is a good idea to wear something nice. Like business casual or a nice jean with a nice top (depending on the environment of the office).

4) Try to remember every one's names in the office, if its a small working area. (Of course, you don't have to have every one's names memorized on the first day)

5) Don't be hesitant to ask questions. You are here to learn.

Oh one more thing. The day before my internship started, I received e-mails from other people in the company welcoming me. If people took the time to e-mail you and wish you luck, you can also take the time to reply back and thank them. It will simply take a minute.

TIP of the BLOG: If you are working in a relax environment, don't get lazy or carried away. It is still a working environment and things need to be done.

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