Thursday, February 25, 2010

You know you love your internship when...

Its been awhile since my last posting, but I have been so busy with school and my internship.

I LOVE my internship!!! : ) It is such a blast. I'm learning a lot about marketing and public relations. The people are awesome!! And I'm working with another intern, Ray. We all have the same lunch hour, so when the time comes, we all go sit at a table in the office and we eat and talk about the current news. This week we are playing games during our lunch time in honor of the Olympics.

I love coming in early, and I'm always excited when Sunday and Tuesday nights come around because it means the following day I get to go to my internship. I'm not weird, OK. This internship has really helped me develop new skills (I can use photoshop creating a new template or an existing one) and it is helping me realize what I am good at.

I think the reason why I love my internship so much is because I am so dedicated in the company and its mission. I think what they are doing is great, and coming from someone who has experienced what the company is all about, makes it all worth it. For me, my experience helped me realize what I want to do. I'll be honest, without this opportunity I probably still be lost at what I wanted to do after graduation. And so this is why I want to give back and help others realize what they want to do. (Hence the name, University of Dreams).

As far as school goes, its going. The biggest news is that I turned in my graduation application. All I have to do now is to pass my classes and pray my application is approved.

TIP of the BLOG: What I said above is, I think, important when you intern/work somewhere. You have to be comfortable in the environment, be positive, and know that you can do the things they expect you to do. If you want more tips look at my previous blog " Preparing for Interview."

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