Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Pets

When I was little, I had canaries. I always wanted a puppy or kitten, but my parents didn't think I could handle a puppy or kitten. I tried to prove them by "practicing" with my dog toy.

For awhile, my family and I didn't own canaries. Just two years ago, we got two guinea pigs. One was white named Snowball and the other is a black and white name Flower. But Snowball died suddenly a few weeks back.

My father always loved canaries, so it was not really a surprise when my father brought two canaries home and my little sister named them Bella and Edward (yup, after Twilight). I asked why he liked canaries so much and he told me its because they always brought good luck to the family. With times like these, I hope they do...

Check out my pets!

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